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Your smile reveals your Charakter

Early in life we learn to distinguish facial features and expressions as a key to Charakter types. This is often based on learnt stereotypic patterns and experience with different type of people.

Attributes that gives you a Charakter



Hair frames the face and gives the person its Charakter and character.

Hair makes a statement of its own. Length, colour, texture of your hair and hairstyle reflect your Charakter, sexuality and your inner self. E.g. people who colour their hair black, often suffer from depression.


Eyes and Eyelids


Eyes and their exposure have a significant importance to a person's beauty and personal charisma. With or without glasses also affects a person's Charakter.




The shape and the size of the nose lend the individual person his or hers personal features and Charakter. E.g. an Eagle shaped nose portrays a strong will, and independence, while a small nose portrays shyness.


Cheeks and Chin




The cheeks and the chin gives a person character. A marked chin gives a masculine, authority and stubborn impression, while a short shin portrays shyness.

Marked cheekbones give an aesthetic framing of the eyes and portray confidence, extrovert Charakter.





Your ears also tell about your Charakter. E.g. protruding ears portray curiosity and creativity. Ears set close to head portray a thrifty and organized Charakter.





Full and pouting lips portray a caring and sensitive Charakter, and big lips portray generosity.



Your two front teeth tell about your age. When you are young the two central incisors (position 11, 21) are rectangular with rounded corners. When age begins to show, the two front teeth become more square-shaped with straight corners.

The teeth to the left and right of your front teeth (position 12, 22) are usually a great indication of gender. Females tend to have more rounded teeth at the end and slightly shorter than the cental incisors, while males tend to have longer lateral incisors that are almost the same size as the central incisors.

Charakter can often be determined by the shapes of the canines. The pointier and more prominent the teeth are, the more aggressive and powerful the Charakter will be. In contrast, the more flattened or rounded the tips become, the more passive the Charakter will be.

Teeth grinding suggests a variety of psychological, lifestyle and Charakter traits, including: anxiety, stress or feeling of anger and competitive Charakter


What do your teeth, ears, nose, hair, skin, lips or eyes say about you, and does it match your true Charakter? Take a look at your smile in the mirror! This activity shows you just how important your smile is when it comes to how you’re perceived by others. However, you can't change your Charakter; you are who you are, but by doing what you can to, you will certainly go a long way toward keeping a positive self-image and making you who you want to be. Our o Nas loves to create beautiful smiles that reflect a person's right Charakter and improve the self-confidence of their patients.


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